"all i can say about my music is, that the listener gets a part of my inner self. in this point of view, the act of listening turns into a serious intimate affair!".  

maluns is a solo project.

2006 he entered the world of sounds with his little home studio, in which he started to make all kinds of electronic music. by the time he discovered the beauty of ambient and downtempo and he focused on that. 

he did start to release his music and got in touch with several labels. in the meanwhile he has a colorful and rich plate of releases out there. you'll find the whole collection here. with his music he shows his personal feelings and impressions to the people. if you listen to a track of him, you will receive a part of his person as well. a dark edge is apparent in much of maluns' richly textured trance, creating depth and drama and mystery. but he uses more secret ingredients than this. some tracks are roaring and deep and some of them are poetic like the dance of a leaf in a light summer breeze. Lets explore his music which is a symbiosis of deep astral soundscapes, melodic acoustic vibes and some celestial emotions.

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